Very Troubling Dream


I just dreamt last night that had troubled me so much this morning..
Somehow, i slightly believe in dream interpretations and because of this it causes so much worry in my life right now. One of the scenes from my dreams that was when ‘i was watching the passengers about to leave the boat in the shore, there came so many snakes on the boat and petrified the passengers. Some people started to run and some started to fight the snakes that are about to attack. I was just watching them until i decided to go to my dad and we walk side by side not frightened of the laying snakes around. As i’ve noticed there are plenty of varied snakes on the shore and we just walked past by through it without second thoughts. ‘

I’ve researched the meaning about it on the net and it signifies that dreaming of snakes means someone is sneaking or about to do something bad and boat also represent something not good. How am i supposed to see this as something good? There’s nothing wrong about my life right now, i have been going well with my family and boyfriend. And now that this dream came up, I started worrying about everything. Especially in my relationship with my bf of 2 years. I don’t know but maybe or not there was something going on but i trust him enough and i’m about to tell him about this. But i worry about what might happen.. I started thinking maybe i should broke off my ties with anyone close so as to avoid pain in the future. I don’t what to do about my worries, please help me.

Tags: asked July 10, 2015

4 Answers

My quick thoughts are that you're supposed to reach out to your dad if things start to get rough! If you look at the snakes as being bad, and when you went to get your dad you were able to get through the snakes with no problem maybe that's a sign that he is supposed to be able to help you get through some struggles that you are about to face!
I have to agree with Annie here. There is no exact science to dreams as such other than it's just your brain subconsciously attempting to make sense of the good things and the obstacles in your life. Dream interpretation is just that; various people's own interpretation on what they experienced when they were asleep. I took the liberty of also looking up 'Snake' and 'Boat' and overall they were neither good nor bad so hopefully that goes some way to showing that there are so many different ways to look at your dreams. One thing to remember though is that dreams have absolutely no effect on your 'waking' life :) Please try not to worry over this otherwise it -will- start to affect your life; not because you dreamt it but because you worry too much over it :)
Stop trying to add a literal meaning to the random synapse firing of your brain in resting mode. Once you begin to believe that all dreams are a premonition of things to come you will drive yourself crazy.
Thank you guys. You have eased me and my worries. I try not to over worry about dreams the next time. I really appreciate you and your help. God bless you all.