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This person that I’ve been friends with for about a year has been distancing themselves and blocked me for no reason at all. Was I used from the beginning?

This person and I first met about a year ago and exchanged phone numbers and communicated non-stop daily. We hung out often. I was complimented and praised by him often for being a good friend. When we first started talking, he was concerned if we missed a day or two of communication and contacted me. Now he can go weeks without contacting me..using the excuse of being busy when I addressed him about the situation. He also tells me now that he doesn’t have to talk to me every single day..but yet, in the beginning, we talked and texted daily nonstop. He tells me that he doesn’t speak to anyone often, but yet I see him constantly on his phone. I’ve been asking to hang out with him as we use to since October..all he does is make excuses about not being able to because he’s super busy, but yet I see him on Facebook going to parties and bars constantly with others. Just last week, I went from a “damn good friend” to being blocked in days. He tells me that he’s doing better in life and is leaving all the negativity behind when I confronted him yesterday. On Saturday he told me that I was a damn good friend, now I’m blocked and he wants nothing to do with me anymore. Was I being used all along?

Category: asked December 31, 2018

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Being honest it could be a magnitude of things, sadly the answer isn't so black & white. It could be because he liked you more than a friend and wants you to want him and has dug himself a hole which he doesn't know how to get out of so is playing hard to get, it could be he's potentially found a girlfriend and is concerned if he's seen texting another girl it might strike some jealousy. He could be at a transitioning stage of his life where a lot of new interesting experiences are arising and is genuinely quite busy and occupied.Whatever the answer is rest assured none of it is your fault, you've gone above and beyond to try and stabilise the friendship and if you're not receiving any respect back quite frankly they don't particularly deserve you! I'm not saying to remove them from your life, still be friends but don't put in the effort you are doing on someone that's not returning it. Do some things that make you happy, reward yourself with some shopping for being your best :).
If I truly answer your question I think he has been using you, but as they say there is plenty and I say plenty of fish in the sea you can let that fish go but soon hell be the on regretting leaving you.