Unrequited and wanted?


I met this guy whom I am head over heels for. He and I have been on interesting terms before, but we recently reconnected. He probably doesn’t have any feelings for me, but I think I liked him from week one. I like to be forthcoming and earnest. Somehow holding back my emotions from him seems a bit like lying. I know it would not be tactful to just tell him I like him, but every time I communicate with him I want to. Thus I am unrequited.
At the same time there is another boy whom I recently met. I have found out through my own observations and the observations of friends that he is “into me.” Yet I feel nothing for him. I’m not even sure that I like him as a friend… he’s better suited to be an acquaintance to me, I think. Thus I am wanted.
As I mentioned, I like to be frank with other people, do I just flat out tell the first I like him and the second I feel nothing? Or do I wait for everything to play out? Is there a better way of dealing with this, like taking myself out of the situation as a whole?

Category: Tags: asked October 4, 2014