Trying to decide on a life changing job offer?


I’m sure it will be hard to describe the situation I’m in fully, but I will try my best. I’m a 23 year old who graduated from Fashion school for Fashion design in NYC about a year and a half ago. Ever since graduation I’ve dealt with a handful of pretty bad job experiences, work places that weren’t the best or took advantage of me or couldn’t afford to keep me on. In the year and a half since graduating I haven’t been able to secure a full time job, just part time or freelance gigs in my field. I feel all of these bad experiences left a bad taste in my mouth for the fashion industry I was trying to be a part of. I do still really want to work designing with a company but all my fashion interests lie in alternative fashion and companies that aren’t in NYC anyway. I know it’s good to just gain work experience but this constant struggle of trying to stay afloat in NYC while working jobs I didn’t care for just built up my depression more. To my surprise a few months ago, a fashion boutique I worked at as a stylist/shop staff back in college, reopened their doors and offered me a job back as manager. It’s not the best money and it’s not design but it’s the happiest I’ve ever been at a job. The store sells japanese street fashion brands, all my favorite brands to wear and that inspire me, and the staff and owners are very close to me. Working there has been great but at the same time I feel like I’ve given up on some of my potential as a designer. I’m working on my own indie designs on the side but it’s just a small project and not a full career. While feeling slightly unfulfilled and looking at career options going forward I decided to look into working in Japan as an English teacher. My best friend currently has been teaching in Japan for the past 2 years and I myself have studied and visited Japan and also minored in Japanese language in college. It was always a dream of mine to work in japan, but under the fashion brands I admired so much not as a teacher. I can speak japanese at a conversational level, but reading and interacting at a Japanese company seems out of my league so teaching english is my only option currently.
Anyway, I was offered a job at a private language school in Tokyo and I’ve been torn for weeks, so much so that I’ve gotten sick and depressed and can’t really move forward. I love Japan, love all the material things and interests there, and enjoyed my life during my study abroad so much. Im so bored and frustrated with my life lately I’d really like to go on an adventure and explore my options before settling down here just taking a fashion job I don’t care for for the experience or money. But at the same time I really do like my current job at the boutique, I just know if I stay here and at this job it won’t lead to anything and it’s not enough to get by on forever. My fears about moving to Japan are missing friends and loved ones, not caring too much about teaching english, and budgeting still being stressful especially in a foreign country. The contract is for a year so it’s not that long in perspective but it’s a big life change.

TLDR I love my job now but I’m stuck moving forward and not happy with the rest of life around me – If I go I hate my job but am surrounded by a life i’m excited about and possible future opportunities.
Anyone have any advice? Even just about ways to help make a decision?

Category: Tags: asked December 18, 2014