Trying for Babies, But there’s a Catch…


Well its kind of a long story,

my fiancee and I have been trying to get pregnant for a few months now… But there’s a catch…. My fiancee got “fixed” in his early 20′s, but there is a small chance that he isnt sterile. He didnt go get his sperm counted after he got checked. so on the slight chance that he can get me pregnant… is there any thing that i can do to increase my chances of getting pregnant?

If not, well i’ve been looking into other options like actually going to a sperm bank and doing that way, but my partner completely refuses to be okay with that. he’d rather go with actual adoption, where i really just want the experience of being pregnant and being a real mommy (not saying that adoptive parents arnt) I guess i’m just at a stand still…. I want to start a family with him… but he’s not really giving me much feed-back on what he wants to do… we’ve talked about getting him un-fixed, but theres not a big chance of that being successful either…. I don’t want to cheat on him either lol, that is NOT an option! idk… just need some advice i guess

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2 Answers

Even though he didn't have his sperm levels checked it is still highly likely he is sterile. They do often do reversals which are expensive and can be painful. Your best option may be to adopt or as you said IVF.
Google it..