Treat him the same??


So my friend who is an ex bofriend long story but we are better off friends, and our friemdship was going great. But lately he has been alittle rude (twice), I asked him if he could give me a ride, he said yes but then he took off. If something came up and he couldnt after all thats fine just say something to me instead of just taking off dissing me. Then He ask me to download some an app so we could video chat which I did but after that I didn’t hear from him at all, and again nothing I’m just left wondering did something happen or is he just being rude. Normally i would bring this to someone attention, but he does have a history of being rude sometimes and Ive talk to him plenty of times before about it. I just feel I shouldnt have to do that again, i’m sure he is aware that what he is doing is rude. So a part of me feels I should just treat him the way he treats me but then a part of me feels bad because really thats not who I am, I’m not a rude person.
What do you think?

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3 Answers

You never know why people do the things they do. From this scenario, I think talking to him about how HE'S doing lately is the better option than calling him rude. He may just need someone to talk to, and if you make yourself available with open arms, he has no reason to be rude to you. And if he still is, find yourself a better friend.
I say never compromise yourself. If that's not how you act, then don't act that way. But definitely call him out on his behavior. And if he isn't willing to change and stop being rude to you, then you probably don't need that kind of stress in your life. Find a better friend.
I concur with Phoenix's response. As frank as I'd like to be with people about their behavior, people don't appreciate blunt honesty, they only clam up and get defensive.