tough life desisions… school, moving out, and work.


I know its not uncommon for a 20 year old like myself to be questioning where to go with my life so I’m really hoping you guys can give me some advice. In a little under 4 months I will be graduating with an associates degree in digital design and animation, I have only ever taken online classes and it really worries me because I have had to self teach myself a lot of different programs and I am not confident in my skills whatsoever, compared to my friends in the same feild I am severely lacking. I never really wanted to go to college but my parents wanted me to go and I knew id need some kind of degree to get a decent job in the future. I’ve already invested 2 years of my life to this path and I’m really debating if I should continue :/ I’m still living at home and I only have a part time job I woukdnt be able to handle the work load if I was a fulltime employee and student. I am also trying to figure out my financial status because I’m part time I can’t afford to move out but I really want to get an apartment for my girlfriend and I. Continuing school seems like it would be a good idea just to possibly get me a job in my feild but I’m not sure because school is the reason I’m not able to save up enough money to even have a good date night let alone an apartment . Any suggestions on what I should do?

asked February 17, 2015

1 Answer

I think right now you should concentrate on going to school and getting a degree. Afterwards you'll have more options to find a job and you'll be able to save more money. You can always get an apartment with your girlfriend after you finish school. Right now school should be your priority. You still got a sea of time to live together with your girlfriend afterwards.