To meet or not to meet? (parents edition)


when is is an appropriate time to introduce your boyfriend to your parents? My boyfriend has divorced parents and mine are still together. I love my parents, but he doesn’t like his at all! As you might have guessed, he isn’t very exited to meet my moms and pops, because of the relationship he has with his own parents (he knows it isn’t really fair towards my parents). How can I encourage him into meeting my folks :D ?

Category: asked July 6, 2014

3 Answers

Any time is fine, if he's serious about you. It's not like he won't meet them eventually, he has to. Just reassure him that everything will be fine and that your parents will like him, even if it might not be the case (I don't see why, but who knows?), and that he'll like them, that they're nice people, etc.
Just reassure him that not all families are like his and your parents will be kind to him. I assume they're good people and you're not dating a bad boy that they might object to or anything like that right?I came from a dysfunctional family so it was weird for me to be with my exgirlfriends fam, since they all seemed really happy together. Its just something you gotta ease him into.
If that person loves you, he will be willing to meet your parents, he must be thankful you grew up such a fine woman with the aid of your parents, he must be willing to leave his worries and yeah "problems" on his house... But well, his background, yeah, pretty harsh, he got divorced parents, so he really won't be excited, instead, he may even feel jealous or maybe not that term, maybe insecure, also, maybe he is afraid that with his family background, he is worrying about your parents wanting to talk to his parents, that maybe if they knew his family background, things might change, well, we don't know...for the appropriate time, it would be when he is mature enough that he will not feel all like "it isn't fair" or whatnot... well, since if he is mature enough, he can leave his worries at home and yeah, meet your folks... if he is mature enough to you, then yeah, he lacks encouragement, well, to encourage him, give him confidence in meeting your parents, or better, talk about it, don't do a surprise meeting, do it with his will... that is why it is better to talk it out with him, ask why he isn't like this and like that, then soon, build up his confidence to talk to your parents... well, that is what I can think of, I wish I was a good help...