This is the dumbest thing to be upset about but I can’t let it go.


The other day I was trying to get out of this really small parking lot that is set in between two large buildings. Unfortunately in this particular parking lot you have to pull up your car really far to see if the road is clear. So far that the front of your car is where pedestrians would usually walk to get to the other half of the sidewalk.

Well, we had been sitting there for just a minute, waiting for the cars to stop coming when an older man carrying a bag of Chinese food came down the sidewalk. When he got closer to my car and saw that the hood of my car was going to be in his way, he started shaking his head in disgust and said, loud enough for me to hear, “Nice job, you fucking idiot.”

I got pretty angry at this. I wasn’t doing anything illegal, I was simply just trying to turn out safely into the road. It seemed foolish he was getting so angry because he had to deviate from his path a few feet and walk in front of my car. He passed by, still shaking his head at this perceived annoyance, and continued off down the sidewalk.

My blood started boiling. I got so angry I did something I have never done before in my life. When I was able to pull out and I got to where he was still walking down the sidewalk, I rolled down the passenger window and screamed “BLOW ME, ASSHOLE” at him at the top of my lungs before driving off.

It was actually a little liberating. Like I said, I never do things like that.

But now it’s been a day, and I still find myself getting angry when I think of what this man said to me. It’s not the first time anyone’s called me a name, and I usually let things roll off my back…but this is just sticking with me. I just feel so mad and I don’t know why.

Category: asked April 7, 2013

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The problem is that you took this man's insult personally and you wanted to have a chance to rebut his words.Do you find you have a hard time letting things like arguments and false statements go in your life?If you do, you likely are just what many people call a "hot head" You can get over things like this just by asking yourself when you catch yourself feeling like this "is it worth it? Will this matter in a week? A month? A year?"I hope this helped!
at the end of the day, it really wont matter cause like you said you did nothing wrong. But i get mad at those small things too but i try to blow it off too.
Anger is a very deep emotion. I'm no expert but I've always felt that anger is a byproduct of 'hopelessness' and 'defiance'.I sense your act of defiance (screaming at him) came from a belief that his behavior was unreasonable, and warranted abuse from you. As far as you're concerned, he overreacted unnecessarily, and you needed to disrespect his privacy.It can sometimes be very enjoyable showing defiance to someone. You mentioned yourself that you felt somewhat liberated after hurling abuse at him. However sometimes defiance can turn to anger if there is a strong undercurrent of hopeless in your assessment of the situation.You may feel hopeless because you don't think the guy suffered enough for his unreasonable behavior, and now there's nothing you can do about it.You may feel hopeless because you're ashamed of want you did and you now can't take it back.You may feel hopeless because the situation was out of your control. You had no other choice but to pull the car forward in that way.If you wanting to release yourself from this anger, then I suggest you search deep for the source to the hopelessness you're feeling. Identify why you feel hopeless about what happened. Then try an learn something valuable from this situation for next time.