This is Tearing Me Apart, Help?


Okay, so i recently (a few weeks ago) posted a question on this same topic- my ex.
I’ve tried everything to get over him! He was my first love and I was his first love. It seems like he’s found another girl that he really truly loves, and that’s very hard for me to realize that it’s officially over, and he’s moved on for real this time, i’ll never have another chance to get him back. I just don’t know what to do or who to talk to that’ll get my mind off of him for good and finally move on! Any advice? Thanks guys,

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i know this will sound harsh, but i'm old and know that it's real. Be happy for what you've learned, take the good and don't be bitter... and grow sweetie... what you want/need will come to you if you can be patient and wait. I am 54 and have only recently learned this. email me if you want details... too long and strange for here...
Since this was your first love, it will probably be the hardest to get over, since you haven't had anything like this happen before. Try to feel happy for him, he would hopefully try to feel happy for you if you were the first to find someone after y'all's relationship. It will get easier to move on as time goes on, but it is also unhealthy to only think about him. It is perfectly OK to talk to your friends about this, I mean, they're there to support you, right? You should take them and get out in the world, it will give you something fun to do and can take your mind off of him. You never know, you may find someone even better! Hope you get happy soon
Shop around a bit! Meet people around town, join new things and meet others! If you have to, join one of those goofy online dating sites. Just find someone else who has the same likes as you, and who you think is interesting, and experiment a bit! Best of luck!
First loves are things that stay deep within the skin. Sometimes, people just get under there and never really leave. That doesn't mean that it wasn't the right decision on either side to end the relationship.

Sometimes we romanticize past relationships and forget the bad, only remembering the good. Sometimes this becomes such an overwhelming feeling of having made a mistake, of feeling frustrated and upset. My first real love is still deep within my skin, despite having been in a loving relationship with another man for more than five years now. We've bought a house, got two dogs, recently got married, building a garden together and I'm really happy. But it doesn't meant that I'm going to be completely over my first real love. We're told that we must be completely over people at all times, but I don't think that's true, in the same way that when someone dies, we'll never really stop grieving, but rather, learn to cope with the grief.

A chapter of your life has ended, and it's really hard to get through that, to see the other end and to realise that there is more. So just take a deep breathe, let the feelings wash over you, and then let them dissipate away.