This girl I like…


So there is this girl I’m friends with and I like her but I don’t know whether or not to keep talking to her, when I talk to her she sounds really bored and sometimes I feel like I might not be giving her enough space for her own things. It’s like I’m trying to stay in her life but is it okay for me to do that?
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Does she always sound bored when you talk to her or just sometimes? Could be she's an introvert and gets drained quicker. I would go with your instincts and just give her more space but still stay friends.
Believe it or not, most young people are bored. Whether it's school or college, if they're not doing something they love, they're bored. Doesn't mean anything about the people they're talking to, so don't sweat it so much. You're worrying because you've a crush, not because there's an actual problem.
Keep talking to her, but try listening more. Ask her about herself, what's she interested in, what music is she into, find a connection between you two, otherwise of course she'll be bored. If you can't find a reason to like her, why bother though?
If she responds with one word answers though, that's a sign she wants you to go away. Best leave her be in that case.
Does she enjoy being around you? Does she respond in monotone? Does she ask you about/for stuff? At what level does she include you in her life and keep you up to date? How much does she try to connect with you?Ask yourself these questions.
She might just be shy, so in that case try to maybe make her laugh and make her feel comfortable around you. But if she gives you a bored look and a slight attitude you should probably back off for some time. Not completely ignore her because that's just frustrating but don't pay her AS much attention. Text her once in a while, say hi when you see her or give her a smile, nothing too major. Just don't do anything that may be bugging her. If she misses you she'll start coming up to YOU more and things like that. Sometimes when girls have all your attention they don't want it but when you stop giving them that undivided attention they miss it and they're like hey what the hell, why aren't you up my ass asking me questions and all that like you used to? Sigh. It's complicated. Sorry on behalf of us girls!
Well, I would need more details to sound 100% sure. Right now, I would say just keep doing what you're doing. If she likes you and you stop talking to her, she'll think "Oh, he doesn't like me back. I guess I'll stop liking him and find a new crush." That's the situation I'm in. I like this guy that I'm friends with, and lately he's been ignoring. Now I'm starting to kind of like him less and less. So don't ignore her, that's for sure. Every now and then, make sure she still has some space. No, this doesn't mean only talk to her once an hour, but when she's with a group of friends your not in, you can talk to other people in their, just make sure you're not "stalking" her.If I had more deets, I could give you a better answer. But until then, this is the best I got. Hope I helped!