there is no other word then “it’s Difficult”


Well i met this girl online kinda by accident. At first it started like me loving her, but she had this boyfriend and i told her i loved her and i got friendzoned as her bestfriend. Some time after she leaves her boyfriend and tell me what she really feels for me and that she liked me when i told her that i loved her.
Then we started talking more and we got pretty happy for eachother, then she started asking her other very trusting friends which hates me because they feel like i stole her from them and they tell her that i live to far for it to work at all.
by all this time we havnt met because, yeah im kinda poor and no job and her parents are really strict. well she ending up with liking me less of what she says.

This is where i dont know if i should believe in her “feelings” anymore because who knows if she loves me but dont see it as an good idea and choose not to do anything about it. Well it gets me heart broken and i heal up again but im still in love with her and still her bestfriend, Meanwhile she got bisexual and got obsessed with an girl that treats her kinda bad and makes her feel sad now and then.

Tried getting over her? – Yes, and i failed everytime even wheni liked an ohter girl

Tried cutting the contact with her – Just wont happen she tells me she need me in her life and very well i sure feel the same, but it hurts me knowing that for her im just a bestfriend she once liked.

she lives around 10 hours away and speak other main language then me but we text on english everyday allmost 24/7. I cant even go out around where i like since its in the middle of nowhere. and she lives in a city.

And on top of that then im
Shy and have no friends and barely make a sound to a girl face to face. I got told i kinda look like im into men(which im not). I got this thing where i cant gain weight so i look like a skeleton.

Lately i allmost told her i loved her again but i paniced and it went wrong and i failed and she got annoyed by me.

She got her girlfriend and she is obsessed in her and im Deeply in love with my bestfriend Any tips of any kind? And what can i do?

obs. Male 18

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That sounds really really rough... My main strategy tends to be "confront the issue at it's source", in this case; ask her straight up how she really feels for you, or if she's just got you around her little finger.
Worst thing is it's online, you can't really know for certain anything, aside from what she says...
I think you should focus on yourself, rather than running after this mad girl with her new obsession. You can hardly expect someone to love you if you don't love yourself. Shy, can't talk to girls, physically self-concious, maybe you could give yourself some sort of goal to work towards, rather than waiting on her when she's with someone else? Self-improvement can be fun, tough, but fun.
If that's of any interest, let me know, I can help. In fact, I bet there's groups on here for that sort of thing, be it confidence or otherwise. Women, mostly (not all), like guys who are more confident. It's just an alpha male thing, men are expected to be protectors, decision-makers, rather than shy.
In short, don't risk your heart any further just yet, she sounds like she's young and going through a rollercoaster of a time with her sexuality, hormones and relationships, that would be a nasty time to make any kind of move really. Give her room, but be there when she needs you, but don't be a doormat.