The reason why gambling is so addictive


Gambling employs a reward system which is called intermittent reinforcement. The rewards (the times you win) are distributed on a random basis so you never know when you will get the reward. As opposed to this, working for wages is based on a consistent reward system. Your reward is known in advance and there is nothing random about it. The reason why intermittent reinforcement is so dangerous is that a person’s personality qualities of a good memory and a strong sense of determination actually work against you when gambling.

You may be gambling and on a losing streak and your mind searches for a decision: what should you do? You remember times in the past when you were ‘in the hole’ and after a few more bets, you won and got back all the money you had lost. So you decide to keep going. The problem is that since the rewards are random, this time you may simply encounter more and more losses. Well now your strong sense of determination kicks in. You feel ashamed of what you have done and want to ‘make things right’ and then tell yourself you will stop.

You return to gambling as a way of showing life that you are not a quitter. You will keep trying and work hard to achieve your goal. But even if you win, you think you have redeemed yourself, and you may stop for a few days but inevitably you return to gamble again. It is a vicious cycle which is so very hard to break. The solution is to stay away altogether so that you do not have to inflict the pain of this counter-intuitive system where your good qualities work against you. Focus on things that offer a consistent reward system like a job.

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Many people enjoy playing casino games But as is the case with many substances and experiences that make us feel good – going overboard can transform what should be an occasional source of enjoyment into a mental dependence. The brain becomes conditioned into wanting more and more and that is how people become addicted.
Exactly, gambling is extremely addictive. And as any addiction, it has serious consequences for oneself and their loved ones.