The paranoid girlfriend


I’ve been in a relationship now for 2 years I love him to pieces and we are in the process of buying a house. Before we got together 2 -3 years before I ended an awful relationship which has left me a jealous paranoid worrier and I don’t know how to conquer this. My boyfriend know about my past problems and why it has left me the way it has and fully understands. As a lad he likes to joke around with his mates about other girls or celebs and I find myself not being bake to be in the room or it ends up in a fight as I put it in him every time. I worry that when he’s out with his friends he will find someone better than me. In his past relationship he cheated on his girlfriend which doesn’t make it easy for me but he loves me and is a changed person and I know he hasn’t and wouldn’t cheat but in my head that just doesn’t help me as much as I tell me myself please help !!!

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I understand your concerns and once you move in together it might get better.. or it might get worse. the only thing I can say is to pick your battles about this issue.. some things are definitely worth fighting about.. like if you feel he is disrespecting you.. other things aren't. You can probably tell the difference.. like if your just being paranoid or if your truly feeling disrespected. Anyways I really hope it works out for you! Either way.. if he chooses to cheat or stray from the relationship it would be his fault, NOT YOURS! Remember that. You can't make someone stay but you can be the best partner to them and truly show them what love, respect, trust is and hopefully they will want to stay :)
Well as a person who's been cheat on i have been in your whole "oh my boyfriend wouldn't cheat on me he loves me waaaay to much" phase, its hard to imagine someone who means to much to you do something that would physically damage you for a very long time, in your situation he jokes around with his friends and that should be okay, but when it comes to points where he makes jokes about him fucking someone even a celebrity i would get upset and feel disrespected in a way (I'm not saying he's saying that just putting it out there lol) guys in general are really hard readers itself, a guy might seem sweet and loving but ends up cheating on you, you never really know, all you can do is talk to him about it CALMLY, explain to him why it bothers you that much and look him dead in the eye (cheesy but whatever lol) and he should see the somewhat hurt in your eyes and he probably would stop. Again don't assume he won't cheat, keep an eye out but don't be up his ass every step of the way haha, best of luck! i hope i somehow helped open your eyes in this situation