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So I’m in my senior year of High school, not doing incredibly well but I think I’ll make it. After that I’m pressed with the choice of college or going straight to work. I’d love to go to an Art school for animation but its such a narrow field and a degree that’s not exactly useful for anything else. School loans are another big concern, so I suppose the question is should I go forward with Art school, Find a more general degree, or forget about college for now and go to work?

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I did both. I don't see why you can't. Find a degree that has a broad outlook for jobs and that interests you at a college of your choice (that you get in to of course. Community college is just as good as the exclusive State schools - the degree is the same no matter where you get it from when all is said and done. Just an expensive, fancy piece of paper that says you know what you're doing.)

Make sure you fill out your FASFA in a timely fashion; you may qualify for financial aid that you don't have to pay back. Don't hesitate to fill out applications for scholarships as well - you never know what you'll get unless you try.

Find a part-time job that is willing to be flexible with your hours of availability. Most part-time jobs will LOVE the fact that you only want a few hours per day or a few days a week and will work with you. You just have to be up front about your availability from the start of the application process. Most colleges will also offer a work/study program that you can look into. Most campuses will have job opportunities posted around as well. Keep your eyes open.