Terribly Self-Conscious


I’m horribly horribly self-conscious. I have to get ready for at least an hour before I go anywhere, including places like the grocery store or library. Sometimes it even ruins plans with my friends or family because I take too long to get ready, or no longer feel like going because I don’t feel as though I look good enough. How can I be less self-conscious?

Category: Tags: asked June 28, 2013

5 Answers

First off, i think you're very pretty! :) and second i suffer in the same field. I have a very low self-esteem. But, As cheesy as it sounds sometimes we have to look in the mirror and accept ourselves for who we are. Nothing is more beautiful than confidence. Instead of worrying about appearance make an effort to gain a deeper understanding of your self-worth. Replace your worries about what other people think about you with a preoccupation over your own goals, achievements, and progress. Don't care about it too much, if you feel self-conscious. It will be OK. Everyone is self-conscious to an extent whether they admit or not. f the thoughts are about what others are thinking about you,then beware. Don't allow the mind to harp on these thoughts. Same thoughts repeated create a channel, and then you are forced to go through that channel when the opportunity arises. So understand deeply that your existence does not depend on anything or anybody. Such thinking itself is a big boost to self-confidence. The moment you let someone judge who you are, is the moment you have lost your happiness to someone else. Don't let other people tell you who you are. This is your life, not theirs.
I think everyone is a little self conscious. Before you go out, try to remind yourself that most people will be more concerned about their own imperfections than any you might have.
You should focus on the positive aspects and qualities about you. One way to improve confidence is to look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment at the start of everyday. Do things that make you feel happy and be with people that make you feel important. At the root of it all, it is about your perception. Don't let anyone alter it.P.S. Exercising always deteriorates my self consciousness.
nobody gives a damn. really. people are all concerned with their own immediate needs. try this some time: go to the grocery store dressed completely randomly, without brushing your hair or applying make-up. see if anybody faints or points fingers. i promise, nobody will.

a smile fixes most awkward situations, and what you actually do and say will always be more important than how you look, so unless you want to be a model, don't lose time on looks.

however, if you feel that the problem is really severe and you find yourself thinking about how you look all of the time, you might have a case of body dysmorphic disorder. google it; if it sounds like you, therapy might be a good idea before you waste your best years on being obsessed when there's so much other wonderful things to waste them on. :)
Ask yourself if those peoples' opinion matter to you.. if not why listen to them..? Those who love you will tell you the truth for the fact that they wouldn't let you make a fool of yourself. So no need to be conscious cause you are beautiful!