Terrible vacation with my friend…


So my friend jane invited me and my other friend Dee to come along on her family vacation. It was a camping trip where we would stay in a small camper. The moment we arrived there things went terribly bad. That morning I had gotten my period. The first thing that happened when we arrived was me throwing up and lieing down for an hour because I was in pain. Since I can’t use tampons I coudnt go in the water at all. Than a couple hours later I was riding a skate board and I fell off covering my self in painful scrapes. Than the next two days I got seriously sunburned all over my body and I got blisters. Between my period, my fall, and sunburn I was in a lot of pain. It didn’t help that I can’t take pain medicine Becuase if I tried I throw it up and also that the beds were hard and that hurt me more. Even tho this was happening I tired my best to be happy. But whenever I wanted to sit down jane would get mad. She would start to bitch and say things like I just can’t sit around the whole time. Dee also wasn’t having a a good time, she could barely sleep and jane was also being mean go her. Jane spent most of her time with her family. Whenever me and Dee tried to do out own thing she would get mad. Dee wanted to leave as badly as I did. I had called my mom and my boyfriend both several times crying because of pain or because of jane. On our third day there (we were suppose to stay for six) Dee said she had to go and her mom was going to pick her becuase of “family” issues. My mom and Dee’s mom had been speaking on the phone and they new how uncomfortable we both were there. Dees mom said if I wanted to a ride to she would drive me home. Even tho jane had been terrible the entire time to me I felt bad to tell her I was leaving to, leaving her with just her family (even tho her family was 52 people in total who came camping too) I didn’t have much time to decide if I wanted to leave or not. My mom and my boyfriend were both telling me I should leave or else I will be miserable. I told jane that I wasn’t feeling well and she said she understood even tho I saw her later crying. Her mom and dad both seemed upset me and Dee were leaving even tho they told me it’s okay. Jane is still on the trip but she hasn’t texted me. So my question is so u think jane and her family or mad? If so will they get over it? Did I have the right to leave?

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I think you were totally right to leave. You were having a terrible trip and Jane was not being nice to you through your pain. Do NOT feel badly. Trust me, youre golden.
Yes. You had a right to leave. If I was in your position I definitely would have, too. Her and her family may be upset for a little while but that's not your call. You had every right to leave a place where you were miserable. And you weren't mean about it when you left and that means a lot. Good job for having the courage to get yourself out of something you didn't like, even though it was intimidating.
Yes you had the right to leave and i think the fact that you feel so guilty shows a lot about your character. You were in a hell of a lot of pain and still wanted to tough it out to make sure your friend had a good holiday. I think your friend will come to understand why you left and that it wasn't because of her (even though she was being quite cruel) but because you were in a lot of pain.
Of course you had the right to leave, and of course Jane will be upset about it, but from the way you described it, she wasn't exactly being supportive to either you or Dee when you guys needed her. I think you did the right thing to accept that the vacation hadn't quite gone as planned, things had kind of spiralled out of control, and you needed to go home. When you next speak to Jane, just try to make things as normal as possible. Ask her what she got up to, if she had a nice time with her family, and try to just chalk it up to experience. Hope you feel better!
Hey man. I'm sorry for your situation. I think that you had the right to leave, and it was a correct decision. Never feel bad for saying someone "NO!". You were feeling very bad because of them, so, you had to leave. I had a similar experience, when I was camping with some of my "friends". I haven't money, so I bought the best budget sleeping bag on my last money to go with them. However, they started to laugh and make stupid jokes. I left and I don't regret at all!