Talking to friends like a broken record


I might just be in need of some motivation, but the problem right now is that i am quite sad these times. And i want to talk to my friends about it. but i’ve been talking about the same problem for about three months and i feel like it’s getting old. I might only have been talking to each of my friends one time, but im starting to feel like i gain nothing from talking with anybody because i’ve talked with what seem a lot to me, but is still sad. Maybe im just overthinking but i am worried about what people think of me for just going on and on about the same stupid problem.

Category: Tags: asked November 17, 2014

2 Answers

Your problems aren't stupid. Your problem's weight is weighed by the emotion poured into it, so if you need to talk then it weighs a lot and deserves to be let out and cured. People always tell you to talk to your friends about your problems, but sometimes it really doesn't help. Just because they're your friends doesn't mean they're gonna give the best advice or comfort. They're not therapists, though some act like it. It sounds like your friends don't though and you need to find another source.If you go to school try talking to a counselor. If you're homeschooled try going to a campus and asking about counselors. Or, a really good person to talk to is an adult friend. Teachers you're close to, friends' moms you're close to, anyone who is older than you that you are comfortable with. They've lived longer than you and may have some good advice for what you're going through currently. Most of all, do not give up. You need to talk it out, have someone to carry your secret that you can contact with updates. This person or even people will be very valuable to you.If you do not find help please contact me about it and tell me what's up. We can figure out how to help you together. You deserve to vent.Best of luck!
Cortona above says most of what I wanted to, but I just wanted to add that as a friend of someone who did this for a long time, your friends don't feel any negative emotion toward you other than frustration they can't help and that they no longer feel they have anything they can say. My friend found it easier to talk to people with similar issues, for better feedback and conversation or venting who've been through the same thing, and use us for fun relief. It does get better. (Cliche, but true)