Stupid question


First of all…yes I admit I’m shallow. AS MUCH AS I TRY NOT TO BE, I AM. I try really hard…
Second of all, I have a fear that’s hard to explain, my hair is literally my prized possession, everyone always tells me how lucky I am to have long blonde hair and I take it to heart so whenever I brush it or wash it I’m always extra careful because…IM TERRIFIED incase it comes out!! Like when I brush it hard and my hair falls out I start crying, same if I loose it when I wash it! I’m the same with my eyelashes, I always use mascara and I never go a day without it and when I take my mascara off and I see that some of my eyelashes have fallen out my heart literally drops…

Is this normal?! IS IT CLASSED AS A FEAR? By the way I’m really sorry for being shallow please don’t judge me!

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2 Answers

If you're scared about it, it's a fear. But that's okay. It's understandable that you love your hair and you don't want to lose it. That being said, in reality, losing some hair every day is normal.

It might be useful for you to look up some facts about it. Maybe if you understand more about it, it'll help your fears. Here are two links that explain normal hair loss:
we all have fears, and fears are all kinda shallow.. like really.., fear of the night,numbers, stairs, heights, love,'s pretty normal for you to feel something you don't quite understand, sooner when you do, it won't affect you as much as what you are feeling right now.i have a fear of losing my teeth. fear of heights and stairs..i still have it.