Study Tips Please?


Hey guys!
So, I am currently taking Math and Physics, and I was wondering what are some good study tips for these 2 courses? Like, when I am in class I completely understand the material, and when I do my homework and tests too, but lately I have been slacking because I have no idea how to study, any ideas?

Tags: asked November 18, 2014

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Taking timed practice exams is a great way to focus the mind. Any questions you can't answer, read the chapter and take notes on what you were stuck on, then answer the question properly. Maths and physics are linear subjects, in that you have to understand the basics before you can appreciate the more abstracted stuff, so take time now to familiarise yourself with the concepts and derivations. Also, why not read around the subject and keep notes of what you discover - there are lots of interesting sites on the internet and much of it will link back to things on the syllabus. The things you are learning now are the foundations for much of physics. If you decide to take your studies further you will be building on the same ideas and formulae for years to come; it's well worth getting a solid understanding of them now.
I always just did a tonne of practice tests and questions for those subjects, seemed to help me the most.
i took an online course titled "learning how to learn" from Some tips were:
- solve sample questions on the book, questions from the past years, etc. (don't look at the solutions, try them yourself first)
- harder you find a subject, the more you should study on it.
- review after intervals (1st review should be within the day; 2nd, at the end of the week; 3rd after a month, etc.)
- outline the solution steps of different types of problems
- form study groups, test each other, teach them
- If you need help, ask your teacher or friend. Do it asap so you have time to solve a few more similar problems and make sure you understand.
- Highlight (but not excessively, one sentence in every paragraph at most)
Make flashcards!
(a quiz question (i.e: what is the definition of...?) on one side and the answer on the other. Give your answer before checking it.
Take extremely good notes! When you write things, especially multiple times, your mind processes the information differently. It makes it easier to retain it.
I think they made good points already. I suggest listening to Isochronic tones.