Stuck in a rut of anxiety and depression?


It’s a vicious cycle, I have no motivation to do anything and feel worse about myself because of it which causes anxiety which causes depression and so forth.
I’ve tried a psychologist, psychiatrist and I’ve tried medication and none of them worked. The psychologist and psychiatrist basically just told me I need to fix my self-image and self-esteem but gave me no help in actually fixing them. What do I do? My grades are falling and I barely leave the house anymore because I’m so scared of judgement. I’m stuck, basically.

Category: Tags: asked August 15, 2013

2 Answers

I'm no professional when it comes to these things but I'd suggest creating a day by day list of what you could do that day.. Start off with small things such as brushing your hair, taking a shower and eating breakfast.. once you feel comfortable enough with the routine add things such as draw a picture or walk around the block.. this way you'll be able to build up confidence in yourself.. That's always a good start :) When it comes to talking to other people just remember that you don't have to talk to everybody.. one good friend can do wonders so try talking to somebody else too ?? I'm sure they'd also love the company.. You've already proved you have the strength to seek help here so you do have the strength to get your life back on track :)
I think for everyone (not just you, don't worry) self love is a very, VERY lengthy process. I don't think any kind of medication or doctors will help with self-acceptance. I totally get how you feel when you say you have no motivation for anything. Start doing stuff, go out with friends or family, or just go shopping alone. Just do something. I find that being alone and bored does absolutely nothing. For me, it causes outrageous over thinking of silly things. Go for a walk, do something that really makes you happy. Surround yourself with positive people who will constantly love you no matter what. If you have any kind of negative energy in your life, you need to replace it with positivity. Hope this helped. Remember, everyone deals with things like this, it's just important that you deal with it at YOUR own pace. Get better, dear. X