stressing out due to school


right now I been stressing over my schooling. I’m 21 up grading my english so I can go to college for police work. I been looking into it my course is a little more then 2 years long then another 8 months at police school. if I do end up going to college this year and able to pass everything in college I be the age 23-25 n that only if I pass everything. to me that sounds really late age to be finished with college n finding a career. like my sister be going to college before me n she only 18 n that makes me feel more of a loser. like it’s my dream career to work as a police officer n work my up but at the same time I just wanna say fuck it due to the stress over load of it

Category: asked May 19, 2014

1 Answer

I think that you'll be just fine if you start school now even if you don't start your actual career until age 25. You know what you want to do which is already a great start. What should really make you feel more comfortable though is that Policeman have great retirement plans and tend to retire earlier than people in other professions. This means that Even if you start you career late, you may still end up retiring before may of your friends who went to college directly out of high school. p.s. I have a bit of experience in this field since I am a financial advisor and work with several policeman.