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I probably have the opposite drinking problem of most. I cannot get myself to drink anymore. My tolerance went down. I used to drink alot at parties to the point where i would sometimes throw up. I guess this dumb alcohol poisoning that i was getting has told my mind not to drink. Now i cant even casually drink 1 drink or 2 without gagging. I do not want to drink to the point where i blackout like i used to but sometimes i wanna have fun and get a couple of drinks. Plus in the future im gonna be able to wanna atleast casually drink with friends. I quit alcohol for 3 months and the same problem persisted. Is there a way i can enjoy alcohol again?

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It's not really reduced tolerance... That would mean you get drunker easier. It sounds like you just can't stand the taste anymore. I know that we have a defense mechanism for us to hate the taste of something that makes us sick.I got food poisoning from sushi once and couldn't stand the taste anymore. I looked it up and found the solution worked for me. I gradually ate small amounts sushi (despite hating the taste) and eventually my body learned that it didn't always make me sick, and i started to like it again.I am similar with drinking. I used to be able to constantly drink straight 40% alcohol out of the bottle. After getting sick one to many times, I can't do shots anymore, I can only mix weak drinks. I was able to get used to it so that shots no longer make me gag, but it's still not where it was at before
One does not need alcohol to have fun. If you used to black out a lot, it might be for the best that your tolerance is low.
You've developed an alcohol aversion. When you regularly drink alcohol and then get sick afterwards, you start to associate the taste of alcohol with sickness to the point that just the smell of alcohol can make you sick. The same thing happened to me. It's a form of conditioning. They do this to help people stop smoking, they'll make them smoke until they get sick, then they no longer have the urge to smoke because just the smell makes them sick. The best thing to do, is to stick to weak drinks that taste good. Also, avoiding carbonated drinks, like beer or malt beverages because just the carbonation can make you sick on its own. I can't drink liquor anymore, beyond just a shot here or there, but I love wine! If you get something with a 14% proof you should only need a couple of glasses or so and it doesn't make you violently ill like liquor. If you're not a big fan of wine you can try a sweeter one, like a Riesling. Happy drinking! :-)
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