Step mums getting people down?


Is it just me? My stepmum constantly puts me down, gets angry at me or is being rude to me. Why? I hardly go to my dads anymore because of it. People say it’s because she’s jealous of my relationship with my dad… But she spends more time with him than me. People say keep trying to do really well at what you can… But she gets angry at me for doing better than her kids. I really want to see my dad, but my stepmum is stopping that. Dad knows it, yet things never change. Does anyone else have similar situations? How do you deal with it? Why does this happen?

Category: Tags: asked August 26, 2014

1 Answer

I can see where you're coming from. I have friends with similar situations, the bitchy step mum changes the dad and ruins everything. It must be difficult since she's basically your only legal guardian at the moment considering she won't let you see your dad. But I think that you should continue to do well. She's not even your biological mother and she has the damn nerve to be a bitch to you? She shouldn't be permitted to have such a bold opinion on a child she barely raised. Keep doing well, if it pisses her off that you're better than her children, keep going. The last thing she wants to see is you outsmarting her side. The next chance you do see your dad, explain to him. Don't let him brush this off. Best of luck!