Starting out in bartending


Just wondering if anyone one here currently is or was recently a bartender. I’m a 20 year old female in the metro-Atlanta area and was just wondering 1) can you be a bartender in Georgia at 20, and 2) what do you think would be the best course of action to get a job. I don’t really know anyone well who works in a bar, so that’s out. Should I just go in and ask about a bartending or bar back job?
EDIT: In Georgia, you only have to be 18 to serve alcohol, but what I’m wondering is if that only counts for like regular restaurants and you have to be 21 to work in a bar OR you can be under 21 to work in a bar as long as you don’t drink anything.

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2 Answers

In order to be a bartender you must be 21 years or older due to the fact that you are serving alcohol. I believe that you also need a liquor license but I'm not 100 sure about that, so you'll need to check.

As for getting the job, most places want experience, but not all. I definitely suggest going in where you're interested in being hired and ask to speak with a manager about it. They may send you to fill out a form online or something like that. It's like getting hired for just about any other job.
Okay so I think in America you need to be 21 (I started at 18 in Italy) and well, I did some kind of "bartending school" (included restaurant and hotel serving) I don't really know the right name in english. I didn't need any license or particular document and usually getting a job in a Bar/Pub is pretty easy if you are a young female.. What I did at first was going directly from Bar to Bar and ask for a job until I got some experience then added it all up my curriculum and asked online. I'll have you know that Bartender/waitress is not a "static" job and most of the time people will ask you to do 2/3 months then leave, also from my experience is almost never legal work (you know, with a contract and all) so prepare for a rough time, ahah.