Spam texting


No, im not getting spam. I am a spammer. I always love talking and ramble sometime and i dont want to annoy people I talk to. I want to figure out how to keep a conversation alive and interesting without having to ask questions to keep someone actively talking or having to send super long texts. Helppp

Category: Tags: asked December 26, 2014

1 Answer

haha i have a friend with this problem!! what she did in the end was just to call people or meet up with them rather than text them, because people she wasn't really close with started getting kinda creeped out by her texting XD we all know she's just really energetic and friendly, but it just doesn't show through her texts. you could try that!

Also, if you find that you need to ask questions to keep the other party participating in the conversation, s/he is likely to be uninterested in the conversation and is trying to be polite. OR you're talking to a really shy/awkward person. In which case again you should try getting him/her out of his/her shell by going out and doing things together! that way conversation will come more naturally.

I know friendships these days can be strengthened online and stuff, but hey nothing beats actually hanging out. Really! Sorry if what I'm saying is irrelevant, but I'm trying my best to answer based on what's stated in the question. If anything's off, feel free to PM me or just let me know haha!

good luck!!