Soooo frustrated.


I got my GED on September of this year, and I want to get a degree in anthropology but I have to wait until the Fall semester of 2014 to enroll in community college. I also can’t get a job until after October 20th (for various reasons) so I won’t have any money until then. I’m in driver’s ed, but even after I take it I won’t be able to get my license until November (when I turn 18) because you either have to have had a learners permit for 6 months or turn 18 to take the test. My dad is verbally and emotionally abusive (and always has been) and even though I live with my mom I still have to go visit him almost every week. My boyfriend of over 2 years just quit smoking weed (for the first time in 3 years) so he’s been snapping at me a lot, and I don’t deal well with anger (my natural reaction is to get very quiet and still). Anyway, my point is does anyone have any tips for dealing with frustration? Any anger management techniques or stress reducers? Thanks for your time.

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So it seems like you're dealing with two factors: one is being stuck in your life and dealing with that frustration, and one is dealing with people in your life that suck.I'm a big believer that you do not have to deal with an angry person. You can set boundaries. Create situations that you are likely to experience with your boyfriend or father and write in how you would usually react. Then write the same thing and change your reaction. Here are some things you can do if someone is verbally assaulting you:

* State calmly, "Do not speak to me that way" or "You are really treating me with disrespect"
*Walk away from the situation whenever they start to abuse you, you don't have to stand there and take it!
*Calmly say, "Don't speak to me unless you want to show me respect" or "Do you realize that you're raising your voice against me?"
Seriously, there's no reason for anyone to direct their anger at you, ever. They can re-direct their anger towards tons of other things, including sports, activities, expressive arts, etc. You don't have to take anyone's anger, ever.
Also don't let the fustration eat you, find something that takes it away. Some people go somewhere they can't be heard and just scream their lungs out. Some people write what they are feeling and then rip the paper to get rid of the sensation. Some people get a few dishes and smack them agaist the wall. Some people get a boxing sack and start hitting it. I personaly like throwing a spongy ball as hard as I can agains the wall and thinking the ball keeps all my fustration and when I throw it, all goes away and repeat this until I'm okay. (It's less agressive ) But the whole point is that you need to try to find the thing that helps you the most. You are very strong :D Good luck :)
Thanks! My dad is the most frustrating person I have ever met and quite possibly will ever meet. He's manipulative, and he ALWAYS guilt trips me. Thanks, I'll be sure to try those techniques!!!
Thanks again!