Something is telling me I need to run away… What should I do?


Hi everyone! Background for you… I’m 17 and a graduating senior at an online school. I take karate classes on Monday and Wednesday, and teach the on Wednesday and Friday. That, essentially, is my life.

Every day is the same. Over and over and over again. School then karate – I’m tired of both. (Karate, especially. Much as I love it, being there so much exhausts me. I dread going.) Each of my friends is older and at college, so I have virtually no one to interact with besides my mom’s friends or whoever is at karate.

Honestly? Some mornings, I don’t want to wake up. Lots of mornings, I’d like to run away. Travel to a new state or country and start with a completely blank slate, filling it with new and exciting and invigorating and resonating experiences. I’d like to *live* rather than surviving.

Time is a really linear and repetitive concept to me right now, and I’m getting tired of living life like this. Sorry if this sounds similar to whining! I’m just… I’m scared that I might do something drastic soon. Would really appreciate any advice. Should I just drop and run? Start with a clean slate? What consequences/benefits would that present?

Thank you all! Lots of love! :)

Category: asked September 4, 2013

2 Answers

I think eventually you'll find something that makes you feel more purposeful.. Have you tried a new hobby or anything like that?I think running away would be horrible for your mom and those who care about you. But, starting fresh isn't a bad idea, although it can be daunting.. It shouldn't be your first option.
Since you go to an online school, don't you have flexibility as to when your classes are? (Sorry if I'm wrong, I've just seen a lot of commercials.) If you do, then why don't you get out there and participate in local community events? Where I live, there's a celebration every month. There's also a fair every August. If you don't have flexibility, then you can try to participate in events after your designated school time. Try going around town and visiting places you've never been before! You might even make a few new friends. :) When you get to college, things will be a lot more.. Interesting. :P You could also find new hobbies. Pottery, swimming.. Dropping it all and running really isn't the best idea unless you're in a REALLY bad situation. Consequences, as Caileigh said, would include worrying all of your friends and family. You'd also have to start COMPLETEY anew, no contact with any of your former aquiantances (unless you want your other friends and family to know), no one to recommend you ton any jobs or give you any help.. Which is bad. Benefits.. Well, the only one I can think of is a clean slate, as you said. -Amanda