Social anxiety or something more? Aspergers??


Hi there, this may or may not be my only post. It will most probably also be long, so beware…

I have researched (Googled) a lot regarding the anxiety I have in my chest/sternum area, mainly towards people and rarely just comes and goes in waves. I am just going to list as many things that I think might be related to it or contribute to finding out what I might have- as I suspect it may be more then mere social anxiety. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this :)

-I do not like crowded/loud places i.e School, Shopping malls, Concerts etc
- I get anxious when I hear loud noises
- I feel uncomfortable/awkward when people touch me, especially hugging, close contact or sudden and without warning.
- I feel proud when I manage to order a simple Coffee and not have my voice tremor or disappear, as a result I mostly get my parent to order my stuff for me
- Rarely if I am telling someone a story I will get anxious and go blank- also happens with presentations/performances
- I have little to no interest in making and keeping friendships, they all either feel forced, fake or honestly take too much effort
- I do not care what people think of me, if they judge me, insult me, it has no effect on me, I will not get angry or upset
- I am classified as an ‘introvert’
- I sometimes feel lonely
- I am starting to feel anxious right now that there are too many I’s starting my points
- I avoid eye contact like its my job
- I can never start a conversation with someone unless I know them extremely well, because of that talk to my parents a lot and end up in one sided conversations
- I sometimes have trouble relating to people or knowing what to say to someone
- I become anxious speaking to anyone with authority, even if I don’t ‘believe’ in said authority e.g a Police officer, Principle/teacher etc
- I dislike my generation
- I dislike when something is not done my way or the right way

These are additional and may/may not be related
- I have sensitive eyes, I will squint on cloudy days, and I wear prescription glasses (1.75)
- I have had past and ongoing disordered eating habits since my parents divorced a few years ago and I guess I developed an ED to cope with the lifestyle changes
- I hate school and homework, only because I believe we should be able to choose our own educational pathway through life
- I have trouble explaining the meaning of a word to people because I also associate words with images
-I will always do something myself because I think that the person will not do it right

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2 Answers

It sounds like a lot of social anxiety, I doubt you have asperger but you really should see a psychologist about these issues you have.
Thank you for your advice :) I have been considering a psychologist for a while now...