so should i continue doing cardio exercise or stop!?


hi so i am 18 years old male and i weight 67KG (147 lbs) and my hight is 5’9 (175cm)

i lost over 23kg and gain 1-2cm hight for the past 4 months and i stopped exercising and ate junk food again for 3 months but i haven’t gain any weight yet which is strange :/

but now i wanna go back exercising but everyone is telling me i should stop doing cardio as my weight is normal and doing it anymore might make me look sick and show more bones which i beg a differ

cause i still have a small belly and jelly legs and manboobs which is the worst-_-

so should i continue doing cardio and lose 5Kg extra or stop it completely and focus only on bodybuilding lifting weights and stuff?

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4 Answers

exercise is good for you and doesnt only benefit you by losing weight but you just have to eat healthier food and more food so you can have more energy. Also eat a lot of protein if u want muscles
Cardio is also good for you because it strengthens your heart. Where as strength training does not. I would still make sure you get some cardio in each week.
you can do cardio, But you have to eat in a right way, try to seek for a professional to make a special diet for you.
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