So much anxiety!


Ok so for the past year or so I’ve basically been super anxious, and lately it has gotten worse, even to the point of being nauseous and feeling like crying. The real problem is that my anxiety doesn’t come from anything in the moment or the near future, it comes from worries about the FAR OFF future and “what ifs.” Rationalizing doesn’t help me, and distracting myself does help sometimes. Every single day I get this overwhelming sense of anxiety….but since I don’t have panic attacks, my counselor says he doesn’t think I need meds. Part of the problem is that I think too much…and I have a lot of negative attitudes that I am not sure how to change…its like I am not even in control of my mind anymore, like my mind hates me…Any tips? I’m desperate here…I know I would be happy if I could just get rid of this extreme anxiety!

Category: asked April 26, 2014

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Hello :) Tip number one: laugh like I said something funny. I love to make people laugh, but alas my jokes are awful ;p Please?? For me?? :)
Secondly, you need to find a distraction. Time to pick up a hobby!
The problem is that you have so much time to think, you are just trying to occupy it. But if you go get a thought intensive hobby (like piano, debate club, rocketeering, etc.) then not only will your mind have less time to occupy (because you'll be spending time doing things where you have to think), but even when you are idle it will provide you with positive things to think about: your new hobby!
Find something interesting and very mentally active. More time and/or thought consuming is better. And then just go do it!! Have fun :)
If it comes to extreme anxiety, usually psychologists would diagnose the patient with drugs (antidepressants and such). You can meet with a local psychologist to get a proper dosage and drug for you. There's also other therapy methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (search for a psychologist).
Hope you feel better, you've got a friend in me
You've there said everything you know what doing wrong such as thinking about everything negatively and questioning things so try and think about it opposite way.. if you think about something negatively then then re-thin and think about the good outcomes of the situation. I know its all so much easier said then done but theres ways out of it.. tbh it will never completely go you will still always have that negative feeling but that's just who you are and how your brain works sometimes. Where as the over thinking I do the exact same just got to keep yourself busy all the time, go out, find a hobby, watch tv anything that keeps your mind off thinking :) hope this helps a bit
For those of you who have already answered, thank you! :) To Drop the Walls, I DID laugh a little bit ;PThanks guys, I will try to stay busy with stuff so my anxiety lessens and try to be more optimistic! :)