so, I’m about to start dating…


Online, cause I can’t date offline atm.i was wondering if I should get into these ” social dating sites for gamers”. Or if I should just head into a dating site and say that I’m a gamer. feeling a bit lonely.bday today, just turned 18. and im about to start dating. any sites you would recommend?

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I think you should just enter any dating site, and just talk, talk and flirt and be confident in yourself, and if it is important to you, you can also mention that you are a gamer but i don't see what difference can it make. Anyway, my advice is to chat and have fun for a little while, find out what your pros and cons are, build confidence, and start dating in real life, you'll see it's way more fun and more rewarding, and you can't ever compare the feeling you get when you're standing face to face to the person you really like with the one when you're just typing on your keyboard.
Trust me and i promise that you won't regret it.
Have a great life !
You should do whatever you feel Comfortable doing to begin with. :) You're still so young that you should be proud of who you are, just be yourself and say what you like and don't like! Have fun!
What do you mean by dating online because you can't offline? That you will only look for long distance online relationship? If so, I suggest to put this information in your profile as to be clear about it.
First off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY2nd... id try and
Fist of all, why can you not date offline?