So I want to get back on ADHD meds and I dont think my doctor trusts me.


So I’m a 20 year old male. I go to a very good public university in the US. I have ADHD and a long history of marijuana abuse. Smoking weed over the course of 3 years led to a manic episode (commonly seen in BiPolar disorder). Around the time I was going manic I impulsively did extasy and LSD (completely out of the norm)

I am certain that I do not have BiPolar disorder because I am off of my mood stablizer medication and I feel “normal” in the terms of my mood. I have no family history of BiPolar, but a lot of cases of ADHD. My doctor sides with me that I very well may not be bipolar and that the episode was drug-induced.

However, I have been still smoking weed on and off for the past 6 months and I finally have quit. I have absolutely no desire to smoke and I do not even feel the urge when it is offered to me. I want to quit because I would rather just be on ADHD meds. I notice that the marijuanna calms my mind down in a way that stimulant medication is intended to do.

I have a doctors appointment coming up with my psychiatrist and he knows about my drug history. He even knows that I used to sell felony quantities of marijuana. I want to get on stimulant medication again and use it the right way. What are my chances he will actually prescribe me? What can I do?

(I am aware of Strattera and I do not want to go on that. I have read a lot of negative things about it and I here that it is very “mild”) I read extensively about ADHD through books and online articles. I tried diet and exercise…but regardless of what I do I am a space cadet. I want to be more “one-channeled” with my thoughts again. I try to implement strategies from the books I read but have difficulties because the nuerological part of my brain in not being treated.

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Well, from the way I see it, his concern is two-fold.First, right now it's your word that you're no longer smoking. Offer to take a drug test, prove to him that way that you are clean.Second, Or maybe should have been first. All of the ADHD medications are stimulants, and all have a strong possibility for addiction and abuse. Being a recovering addict of MJ, he may have concerns about the likely hood of abuse of the ADHD medications.Third and finally, he knows about your history of dealing as well. And ADHD meds are rather popular on the streets as well.So, the way I look at it, using baseball terms, is that you have 2 strikes and just hit a foul ball. I don't know how long you've been seeing your doc, but try to build up a rep-pour with your doc, and a trust relationship. If he trusts that you won't abuse, he is more likely to give you the meds you need.