So i slept with my friends mom


So ive been friends with a family for a very long time , like 708 years. Ive dated one of the daughters and I am best friends with the other. I was over alone at their house helping their mom fix the internet connection in their house and we she came out in a robe and well , lets just say there ws notihng on underneath. she slipped my hand onto her breast and well im guessing you can tell where it went from there. Im wondering do I tell my friends , I mean that would be a awkward situation to say but , things have began to happen more and more and im afraid someone will find out … worst part is she is also married

Category: asked April 28, 2015

2 Answers

that was a typo up there ... it was suppose to be 7-8 years
Are you bragging or complaining? Why say anything to anyone?