So… I really need some advice


Hello everyone. I really need some advice…
I’m a 19 year old college student. My degree is Translation btw.
I always wanted to be a professional in this area since I was 13, it always has been my dream.
But… I hate it.
I hate it for real.
I seriously am NOT adjusting and I’m already in second year!
I don’t get along with anyone. I guess it’s because I’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety since I was like 14. But I really don’t know what to do…
I’ve always been a very good student, I even got a scholarship..
But I can’t take this anymore… I’ve been missing classes cause I hate being there so much… I hate the university, the people there, even the degree .. which is very ironic.
And all of this has been making me freak out..
My parents are spending alot of money on me to give me a better life than they have.. and I feel so spoiled and ungratefull…
I feel so so bad…
I tried to think talking about this to them but.. I can’t. I can’t see the disappointment in their eyes…

Anyways please tell me what I should do? Any ideas?
Lately I’ve been thinking about studying abroad.. maybe that would be good?
Tell me what you think guys. And I’m so sorry this being so depressing. I’m writing this at 3 am and crying hard lol.
Also I apologise for my spelling mistakes, english is my second language.

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4 Answers

Perhaps physical schooling is not for you, a lot of schools offer online courses and some are completely online only. If you are having this much trouble then you need to tell them as this is only going to get worse. They need to know as they are the best equipped to help you right now. I know I know, i'm making this sound easy. I hope it goes well for you.Though I do want to share a bit of experience with you, I once did translation. I had to translate an 8 hour conversation on cattle slaughter. I gave up translation a week later (there were others but this was the culmination). It was not for me after that. Good luck Mariko.
Your university guidance department hears this EVERY DAY! You are not alone. Your school should have a counselor, that is easily accessible, and HAPPY to guide you forward OR onto a new path. They are experts in this exact area. Take advantage of your college's services. GOOD LUCK!
You're an adult, so you have to do what's right for you. People change their majors all the time. And, even though your parents are supporting you, it's your choice. Do what's right for you. Maybe you need to take a break and really reflect on what you want. I know people who've gone from college to technical schools because they didn't like college. Do what's right for you.
Thank you so much everyone, I was really in need of some advice. I know what I have to do now, thank you :)