so i like this girl


So I’ve been talking to this girl for about a month and a bit and we’ve met up twice sunday being the most recent which i think went well, we met up for coffee as she was meeting a friend. The thing i’m having trouble with is at the moment her dad has be diagnosed with a serious illnes. so she and her family have got a lot on at the moment, i’ve said to her if she needs anything she knows where i am. I’ve also got my final exams in few weeks which she knows about. When we chat to each other the conversation flows and i think we get on really well, last saturday our messages got a little heated as she was in a cheeky mood so thats a good sign i think. I’m just looking for some advice as it’s a bit of strange situation As i feel im bothering her when i text her because of her situation. I would like a relationship with her but I dont know if thats what she wants or its the right time and she might want someone to be close with as whats going on with her dad.

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Best advice I can give, just talk to her! Ask her if youre bothering her. Honestly, its nice to know someone is thinking of me even if Im busy. Just talk to her. It will stop all those questions going around your head. Be straight upffront with what you want, and what youre hoping for.
I think that she would be happy to have someone like you around when she's going through a tough time. As long as you're willing to be there for her when she has family issues (if something goes wrong with her dad), I think this could be a very healthy relationship for her to have. Maybe keep talking to her in the days leading up to your finals, and after that stress is over, you can talk about starting a serious relationship. Even if she doesn't want a relationship, you can always support her with what she's going through! Good luck! :)