Sleeping pills aren’t working?


So like I’ve been having troubles sleeping for long time.
I am always tired because of this.
I really wanted to get some rest today so I took some sleeping pills but they don’t seem to be helping.
What should I do?

Tags: asked July 20, 2014

8 Answers

If you've been having a problem sleeping for a long time, you need to see someone. Maybe an adjustment in medication is the answer, or maybe something else entirely, but not something to screw around with. Please see someone to figure out the root problem.
Do not toy around with potentially addictive substances; after you try making your sleeping area conducive to just sleep (take all devices out of your sleeping area, set a sleeping schedule), bite the bullet and go see a doctor.
Boy do I know how you feeling. I have insomnia as well and I haven't slept in nearly 3 days. If the candy don't work then just keep yourself busy. Write a poem, draw a picture, type up a screenplay. Be productive with this extra time and don't worry because sooner or later you'll finally fall into graceful sleep.
Try melatonin, it's naturally produced in your body...not a drug. Just take a small dose 30mins before bed and stay away from anything mind stimulating (computer, phone, tv). Just don't take large doses for long lengths of time, your body will stop producing it if you do. If this is ongoing you should see your doctor.
Avoiding stimulating activities like the Internet, video games, and physical activity right before bedtime can be helpful. Then there's meditation, breathing exercises, stretching, progressive muscle relaxation, hot bathes, journalling to get your feelings out before bedtime, hot milk. Avoid caffeine and vigorous exercise 4 hours before you go to bed. Try to have a regular bedtime. Try not to do other stuff in your bedroom (like watch TV, be on the computer, etc) because your mind needs to associate the bedroom with only sleeping, and sex (if you're old enough). Avoid smoking if you can because it's a stimulant. Avoid alcohol too because it produces a rebound anxiety effect. Try to clear your mind before you go to sleep, by maybe doing some type of puzzle or playing something mind-numbing like Mah Jong online where you're focused on a task (and not thinking about your problems) but it's not overly stimulating so your mind will become relaxed from that activity. If you like to read, try reading something boring before bed! If you can't sleep, don't continue to lay in bed. Get up, get out of bed. Go eat a snack, use the bathroom, find something to do that isn't stimulating and after a while go back to bed and try to sleep again. But don't watch the clock. I'd avoid medications if you can because sleep meds are addictive and if you can build up tolerance quickly so when you try to go without one, you can't sleep. Insomnia is a bitch but there's lots of things you can do to try to relax. If you have a smart phone or ipad, there are some nice sleep apps. Some are meditations, and others are just distraction noises like falling rain, or birds in a forest.
What type do you use? Meletonin is pretty effective for me.
I'm not sure who to ask though.. My mom said she didn't want me to use sleeping pills because I could become addicted? But she herself gave me the pill that I took today. She's confusing...
well I prefer how I avoid drugs I have mediocre insomnia and my gf who has a chronic case and our key to good sleep is simply do more physical work so I would recommend about 40 min of extreme exertion mine is normally through lifting my gf normally uses just general crossfit conditioning. Work simple but you have to have it be intense you need to feel like walking a flight of stairs is about as much as you can do.