Six Degrees of Seperation


Only a few months ago, I had foolishly broken up with the first person I had ever truly felt love for. At the time, I believed I had been protecting myself, as they seemed to be losing interest and I don’t take rejection lightly. But now, all I want is them, even when they have said the feelings they had for me are gone. I have run to multiple people and I take their words to heart, yet by the next night I am falling apart all over again. What should I do?

Category: asked February 26, 2015

2 Answers

you still have yourself and for that you are blessed. i know its so much easier to tell you that time will go on and you will meet new people and eventually you will find someone new. its harder to actually push through these feelings to get to the good parts. I promise you if you can do just one thing a day that makes you feel happy it will be a lot easier to deal with these kinds of emotions. people make mistakes especially in relationships. you don't know the outcome of your choices until it happens but maybe there really is a meaning for everything that happens and you'll just have to wait to find out what the purpose of all this was for. stay strong my friend.
Break-ups hurt. Rejection hurts. It's easy for our brain to get stuck in a loop right after, thinking about it, remembering, even obsessing about it all. It's a natural reaction. It does pass. It is a grieving process though, so that does take some time.
One thing that helps is to try not to think about it all and to put some distance between yourself and your ex. The less you see him, the less you think about him the better.
It also helps to keep yourself busy and to try and be active. Meeting new people or being with friends helps, because it's a different environment and keeps you occupied. It's also an environment where you talk and think about other things. Leaving the whole theme of your ex and what happened out of mind and conversation is a good thing - it breaks the loop and it's how we start to move on.
When we hurt we often like to be left alone. In this case being around people is a much much better choice, even though it might not feel like you really want it at first, because it will get you through it faster.
Also, be kind to yourself, do things you like, things that make you happy.
There are so many things ahead of you, don't be afraid to look for them. Stay strong, leave the past behind, where it belongs, and focus on the future.All the best to you!