Side effects of Necon 1/50


I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced bad side effects from the birth control Necon 1/50? I have experienced symptoms including:

Sore, swollen breasts with darkening of nipple color and increased sensitivity

Pain in abdomen

Back pain and muscle soreness


Gas and burning stomach

Nausea and lack of appetite

Problems with contact lenses

Feeling bloated, heavy and swollen

Feeling sad and worried and irritable and feeling as though nothing makes me happy anymore


These symptoms are all possible pregnancy symptoms but I took a urine pregnancy test at my gyno’s two weeks ago and then an at-home test last night. It has been a month since I last had sex, and I was on the Nuvaring at that time. I also had a (VERY heavy) period since then. I think most women know how stressful a pregnancy scare can be though and how it is always in the back of your mind even after the negative tests. I am hoping to get off of this high-dose birth control soon but I was hoping that others have had these same side effects and it’s not just me.

Thanks for any info! I appreciate it!

Category: Tags: asked August 20, 2015