should we run away if we broke up?


My boyfriend and I just broke up. We were together for around 8 months and I can honestly say at the beginning of our relationship I couldn’t have been happier. Around 6 months our lives fell apart, he dealt with difficult withdrawals from his pain medication for his broken back, he lost all his money, couldn’t find a house or a job. I was coming close to the end of college, quit my job, faced depression, was abandoned by my famiky, lost my friends, and just hated my life. We were butting heads because we were under such stress and we took it out on one another.
We had roadtrips planned the next couple of months, and one is coming up in a week and a half. That is literally the only thing in my life that was going to be happening, i have nothing else, no friends, no class, no work, no family. We broke up because we feel l I keep we are struggling to be what the other needs. I realized he didn’t take me into consideration when he last minute changed plans so that it would be a couple month road trip instead of three smaller trips. he had gotten distant and uncaring the last few months, and he wasn’t even willing to compromise this one thing, so we mutually decided that this wasn’t our time.
we love each other and have no idea how to go on without the other person, he told me he does not know why he can’t treat me the way I deserve.
after we broke up we talked about our relationship and I felt so close to him, we both felt like it was the first honest conversation we have had in a couple months. It was like it was before we had our rough patch. He says he wants to grow old with me, and he asked if I would run away with him in a few weeks under the understanding that we are partners. Not a relationship, but that we would be working towards that again.
I don’t know what to do, should I go with him? I really want to, but I’m scared that things will go back to the way they were. I don’t even know what to do with my life without him, I really love him and all I want is for us to be OK again.

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Well with how things are sounding, I think that you should go on the trip with him. It could be just a way to relax and get out and about, and he could be a form of company. It would be a bonding type of trip as well if you're wanting to bond with him.
If anything I think you should go on the road trip. You honestly have nothing to lose and this will help recover or determine if you should be together or not.
How do you guys even have enough money for a long road trip with all that has been going on? If you both have rich relatives who are footing the bill, I would say go for it, but if things are as dire as the picture you painted maybe you had better use that money t just live on for awhile. Being broke and homeless would suck way more than just being broke.
Thank you guys so much for your input and support. I have a savings I am living off of, and the trip is relatively inexpensive. We converted an old military truck into a live in camper together, and that's what we will be using. I think I do want to go, I'm just scared he doesn't want to improve the things that caused problems with us, I'm scared to go as friends and than have to watch him find someone else or get over me. We will be talkingin a week to see if he still wants me to go wit him and to see what I decide to do. It's just so hard to go through the day without him. I never realized how much it comforted me to know I could at least text him. Now I just feel so alone and the day is dragging on. I don't know how to distract myself cause everything revolved around us together