should i try this


I am a wildife biology and english major, but over the last few years i have gotten into and begun alot of web design such as creating sites as well as working alot with software and games. my mom was surprised i didnt want to go into web design and graphic design. im considering trying to do a class but also thought of having a minor in web design.

do you think that will be too tough or should i just stick with one course/class of web design

asked May 22, 2014

3 Answers

If you have an interest in it, it might not be a huge challenge for you, because you also enjoy it. Web design skills are in really high demand, so it would be smart to minor in it. that being said, lots of people just practice by offering their services for free and learn on their own.
Hi! I am a programmer and at work I once had to move for a short time to China to take courses. It was not very difficult, although the mentality of my country and China is radically different. The only big minus fizzled after a while, when my PC just nearly boiled from the garbage that I grabbed on the Chinese Internet. Only driver updater saved me.
Don't listen to anybody, listen to your heart! If you feel you can combine learning physics, English and Computer science, just try, you can always give up the latter in case of serious obstacles. However, in case of success, you'll become much more competitive as a specialist compared to your class mates and rivals when searching for work in various fields of studies, including IT. As for the possible difficulties in computer science, consider assistance here: As for my personal opinion I think you don't need any experts to help with your IT homework, as you seem to be quiet motivated and people like you are reaching their ends.