Should I try for academic amnesty?


In the beginning of October I tried to kill myself. And since then my grades haven’t been as well. I went from an A student to possibly failing. I haven’t told anyone, besides my girlfriend about this. I figure it’s the cause of my grades tanking because I have had a lot of breakdowns since then, and lost a lot of my confidence. I was wondering if I should tell the school about this, with hopes to improve by seeking help about this.

Category: Tags: asked December 16, 2013

1 Answer

You should only tell the school if you feel comfortable in doing so. It's good that your girlfriend knows, but other people should know so she isn't the only person you can fall back on. The more you keep your emotions and feelings bottled up, the worse you'll feel. It's hard talking about your problems, I know. After I attempted suicide, I didn't want anyone to know. But it helps get rid of stress that you don't need. If you want someone in the school to know, try talking to a student counselor. Most schools have one available. They are use to hearing things like this and know what can be done to help. If your school doesn't have a student counselor, choose a teacher or administrator you feel closest to, someone you can trust. Tell them your concerns and they should be more than willing to help. Open up and be honest with other people. Good luck!