Should I tell him that I don’t see him as a friend?


Last winter I dated with a boy for 2 months. But we stopped talking because I had some serious exams to pass. However, we’re still talking and hanging out but nothing happens. Here is the problem, the guy is dating with another girl but he talks to me at the same time. I think he’s trying to have a backup in case he stops dating with her. Of course I don’t want to be his backup, I want him to take me seriously. Today we will hang out. Do you think I should tell him that I still like him? I’m not scared of the rejection, it happens to me everytime I see them together.

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Well... You may be rejected, but there is also the good chance that he will step back and be like"woah, this chick likes me?" if you're at the point of just "make-or-break" then go for it. but if you can wait a little longer and play it out a bit and see if he just turns to you instead of her then just take a little time and chill. but if its really bothering you and you just can't help it, then tell him.
If your not worried about rejection, what is there to lose? Telling him will finally clear your mind of the thoughts of you being a backup and if he likes you. Rather than constantly thinking of what if he likes me? What if i am his backup? Why is he talking to me? You will finally be able to know what he is thinking.
Sure, you can tell him that if things don't go well with his current girlfriend, you will be open to have a relationship with him, but that you will spend less time with him if he wants to stay with his girlfriend.
You should talk to him about what your relationship is now. It'd be a good idea to know what his feelings are and what your relationship will be like henceforth. It'll be easier on you to know if you are just friends and theres no future together or if there's still the possibility of getting back together. This way even if it hurts you won't have to wonder anymore.
You should talk to him, tell him your real true feelings. ..& If He's still with his girlfriend, and talking to you to, Most likely its best for you to just leave him alone. Because at the end of it all, you are the one thats going to be hurt. But Its best to talk about it and clear your mind.