Should I straight out ask him if he likes me?


So I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out if this new friend of me is interested in me or not. How crazy would it be to simply ask him if he likes me?

Category: asked March 3, 2014

4 Answers

not crazy at all, its better than being all subtle and sending indirect signals, or looking for them, just dont be all like "i love you" :p (i know you''re not, its just an example) but yeah, go for it :)
Come up to the person and ask him when you're together. In the long run it has no negatives.
You get your answer right away so you don't have to be bugged over the answer for weeks and weeks.
You'll have a direct yes or no + if it would be a partial/doubtful yes then you showing interest towards him would just enforce it.
If no then you know he's not interested and you still got a nice friend.
Win-Win-Win situation.
I wouldn't just walk up to him and be like hey do you like me or not lol that would most likely scare him away, I would recomend simply asking him out but something simple like a movie you don't want to freak him out, us guys are weird like that lol go for it good luck.
I would not recommend just going up to him. Try asking him to hangout or if it makes u feel more comfortable ask him to go out with u and a couple of friends just so you guys get to spend more time together. Or maybe you could get a friend to ask him what he thinks. But if this goes no where than ask him