Should I stay in this class?


I joined a dance class and I really like it, but I’ve never been in a dance class before like everyone else who has been in classes since they were 5 years old. They’re all really good dancers and I feel like they don’t want me to be there because I’m not as good as them. They make me feel really self conscious. What do I do?

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6 Answers

If it makes you happy then you should stick with it. Someday you'll catch up with them and be thankful that you persevered. It's a good idea to make friends who can help you learn the moves and motivate you too. Hang in there!
Dont let other people stop you from doing what you want! I have been in the exact same situation before, i left the first class within 20 minutes. Now i really regret it :| Maybe get a friend to join with you? Or try to befriend somebody there. Either way just remember, those dancers were beginners at one point too so sod them ;) Stick with it :D
Do what you feel is right for you. Get to know them. See if some of them can help you.
I take dance lessons as well! (: Keep your head up and keep dancing. You'll get way better don't worry. Just have fun with it! Everyone has to start somewhere! If you practice, you'll probably be just as good as them! Don't worry too much! Hope this helped! (:
I've been in the same situation before. I felt like giving up because I didn't feel wanted or good enough, but I decided to stay and try my best. I didn't regret it because I learned a lot and made new friends. It was a great experience! So if you really like it and if it makes you happy then you shouldn't let others stop you from what you want. Someday you'll be just as good as them or even better! Good luck! :)
If it makes you happy, stay in this class. Try to make friends with the other class members. Who knows, maybe you have something more in common than just dancing :)