should i seek help??


my panic attacks are getting worse. ive started scratching my wrists badly. not to the point they bleed, but i take off some skin.. should i talk to my doctor? if so, how cani approach my mom about it? also ive been experiencing dp/dr everyday for almost 5 months now.. and ive been diagnosed w/ major depressing and severe anxiety, but my mom refused treatment, its only gotten worse since, and that’s the main reason im so worried to talk to her about it again.

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3 Answers

Go to the doctor. Get medical treatment and find mental health services. Talk to your mom, and if she won't help you, talk to the counselors at school. Since your attacks are getting worse, it's best that you seek treatment, especially since you're getting physically injured. This is important, okay? You're important. You need to seek treatment no matter what, even if your mom doesn't approve.
Maybe try taking your mind off of whatever is causing you the problem. Take a walk, listen to music, reading, anything you can to escape. I think you should go see a doctor if you can. I think you should be up front with your mom. She needs to understand that your depression and panic attacks are serious and need to be attended to. Maybe showing her your wrists will give her a wake up call and make her take action. Hopefully your mother understands this time around.
It's always best to seek help, especially if your anxiety is getting worse. I hope you can convince your mother to take you to the doctor, but if you can't, there's probably another way to get treatment that doesn't involve her approval. Maybe you can talk to your dad.