Should I say something!?


So my bf just got back from family camping trip and we ve only just texted a little over the couple days he was gone. We finally get to skype tonight and within 20minutes he invite another friend in … A girl ( Now we hangout with her along with another guy. My bf liked both me and this girl while we all were just friends.) so when it was just him and I skyping we barely talked an he invited her in without me even knowing (she is a good friend I hold nothing against her). They started talking about whatever and had these funny inside jokes from when they had classes together. After that our guy friend joins in and I make the announcement that I got a job today for dog training. I’ve wanted an opportunity like this forever. And the girl congrats me an we talk about it then the guy and my bf start saying why would you do that when you could do it yourself. I tryes to explain that I didn’t have a place to do training and didn’t know much about the business part about it but they still continued to badger me about it. Then we all have Facebook chats and Reyna and joe were talking on one exclude ding me and the other guy friend. Then the three of them got onto a group message and left me out so I just left. And wait there’s more! My bf and I were planning to go to the state fair together and again he invites the girl without asking me , but then asked later…. I can’t say no she my best friend. An those to live 15 min. Away while me and him like 40 min away so their going to carpool….shocker. She has a boyfriend ,but still feel so threatened. Her an him couple break up any minute. I really just want to tell him to just leave me alone and wait for her to be single again and why did he even bother with me if he obviously really likes her. I don’t date players and I refuse to play the games. Will not be in a love triangle. Should I tell him this or just end it….

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The solution to your problem starts with you asking him for alone time. He can have his group chats and some group hanging out in real life, but you can ask him and obtain some times where it's just you and him. It doesn't matter if she is your or his best friend, it's normal for couples to spend time alone and you have every right to do it, and whoever argues with you when you say "Oh sorry, but I wanted to spend some time alone with him, you know?" can be easily shot down with a silence pause and a "Oh, wow". Ask for what you want, tell him how you feel.
You should probably ell him exactly how you feel. If he continues being this way, dump him. You need someone who cares about you enough to listen, support you and stand by your side. If he cannot do this, he doesn't deserve you