Should I risk it?


I found out yesterday that I may have the opportunity to have my sister take custody over me again.
My parents are abusive and she has more evidence now. She found out that my father was in a psychiatric ward for a few years when he was younger because he threatened to kill his mother/some other things. She has some more evidence, too.
Last time I tried to be removed from my household, my parents lied to every single person I spoke to, and my father found my video evidence and destroyed it. My camera is broken and my parents know better than to physically harm me and leave a mark- so I can’t gather much evidence on my own.
If I decide to go through with this again, I risk my parents flipping out again. except this time I have more to lose. I have a job, and I’m in college. If they decide to, they can take this away from me. they can cut me off from society again, completely. I can move out in a year or so.. I’m just not sure how long it’ll be. I have to get my braces taken off, and I need to have a car. my father refuses to teach me to drive.. so I don’t know how long that will be, until I get my license.
I’m miserable all the time in this house, though. My mental state effects absolutely everything, and it’s interfering with my schoolwork and my ability to work efficiently at my job. I was diagnosed with major anxiety and depressive disorders, and my parents won’t let me see a counselor or allow me to be on any medication. I’m angry all the time at them but I can’t do a thing- I just can’t think about it, and I’m afraid I’ll go insane if I keep denying the reality of my situation.

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3 Answers

Until you take the risk, you can't be free.
Go for it.
You should do everything possible to get out of there, even if it means taking a risk. It seems like you'll be much happier and emotionally healthier somewhere else.