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Should I move on from the guy I like or should I keep trying?


I have liked this guy for almost a year, and when I say “like” i mean head over heels. Me and him kind of became friends (but not too close) we are kind of those friends that you would say hi to in the hallway and have conversations with but never really hang out. Well heres the problem, in the beginning of the year, one of my best friends (we can call her X) asked me if I liked him and I of course said yes. But since then it seems to be obvious that she likes him too, although she donsnt tell me. She’ll flirt with him constantly even if its infront of me and sometimes its hard because she is better at talking to guys than I am. She is tall blonde and beautiful so its sort of a struggle on my part. Im starting to get the feeling that he likes her, but sometimes i feel like he likes me. And now that it is summer I feel like Im not going to see him until school starts and I already miss him so much. All i have is his snapchat. I just don’t know if I should move on (and how to) or if I Should keep trying.

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2 Answers

If your friend knows you like him and she flirts with him, she isn't what you can call a true friend. First of all you should move on from that friendship. Now about the guy, why not ask him to hang out? That way you can know him better and get to know if he likes you back
You've either got to take the plunge and move out of your comfort zone to ask him to hang out, or you've got to move on. Odds are you'll regret it if you don't try though so why not? He'll likely be flattered if you tell him you'd like to spend more time with him - guys do like that sort of thing! Just ask him if he wants to catch a movie (which is great because you don't have to talk too much so it won't get awkward, or if you're comfortable chatting a bit go get a cup of coffee. At least if you try you won't be burdened with regrets!