Should i move back in???


i just came out across the country to move back in with my mom after living with my (emotionally abusive; morally corrupt, controlling, condescending, neurotic) grandparents because she supposedly got a steady job. when i got here, she lost the job. it’s been two months and i can’t bear this again. that was the reason i moved in with my (rich but neurotic) grandparents initially, after losing my car in an accident, my s.o., my job and my apartment. i was battling crippling depression while living with them, and now that our prospects aren’t looking too good, i’m seriously reconsidering just leaving and going back to my grandparents in new york with a different mindset because i can’t bear to look at my mother even know im sure she’s suffering more than me, i fear that i’m spiraling into that deep dark depression again and i just want to get away from that possibility. i don’t even know what i’m doing out here. i feel so stuck either way. any opinions would be greatly appreciated..
also i dont have health care because my mom is out of work so…

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it sounds like the only reason you consider going back to grandparents is because of their money and the promise of a financially stable life, regardless of anything else.thats a bad reason to live with anyone.If you care about your mom and she isnt crazy, try to help her, youre literally the closest thing she has in this world, and if shes not sending you away then watching you walk out probably hurts more than you realize.
I don't think that you should go back to your grandparents in New York if they're the abusive grandparents. I think that you should get help to get out of your depression because depression gives you this feeling that lets you do nothing and for getting a job back you can't just have no motivation. So first you go to a therapist to get help, it'll take a while to get out of your depression but don't give up hope. After that you beated the depression you can look for a job and do it slowly, don't give up hope too fast and keep trying and after a while you'll gain enough money to rebuild your life, that's my best advice that I can give to you. Whatever happens don't go back to those mean grandparents because they'll only put you deeper in your depression. And your mother will support you, don't be scared of her she'll help you and if you can, you can help her. Don't give up hope and stay strong everything will be okay and if you need a talk, I'm here for you